the paradox of surveillance technology

#Watchingyou #Watchingme is selected to be part of Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late. Positioned inside the Grand Cafe, we invited the audiences to become part of our intervention: become either the observer or the observants. They can either wear the CCTV helmets or wear the censored bar to block the CCTV’s watchful eyes
We invite the audience to take photographs of emerging scenarios, which focuses on the theme of surveillance technology. The audience can start posting the photos on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter with the #watchingyou, #watchingme. It will then be displayed on the Twitter Wall at the entrance of the Grand Cafe.
The projects offer the audience the experience to engage in the paradox of Big Brother in a humorous and entertainment manner. We would like the audience to question the paradox of surveillance technology within information age
In collaboration with Meret Vollenweider

October 2015 |Late: Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late| Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK