recovery-aid toys

[ work in progress ]
The project initiates a new and playful method of communication between a pediatrician, medical staffs, parents and children. Omamori aims to create a series of object in which the child can form an emotional attachment with. The pediatrist’s advise is then implemented in a more imaginative manner


Through the interaction with the toys, the child can see the important of following the pediatrician’s advise to recover faster. Also, they learn the first step to take responsibility: taking care of their own body though the act of looking after someone else.
Omamori A is designed for children who suffer from burns, injuries and stitches. They are made of smart fabric, particularly heat sensitive. Depend on the location of the burn / injury, a heat controllable unit is placed underneath. A stain mark appearance will show on this particular area. Children are told that in order to clear their new toy of the stain, they need to take care of their burns/injuries/stitches.
Omamori B is designed for children who suffer from physical trauma. At first, the doll’s arm or leg is swollen, covered in a cast and unable to move or adjust.The doll’s arm slowly becomes smaller and flexible. Eventually when the child recover fully, the doll became fully functional with equal arm size.