Exhibition Design

Contemporary society is obsessed with the future: these days anything becomes a narrative of dystopia or utopia. We are living in an age of bewilderment, where the border of paradise and apocalypse is blurred by technological frenzy, political lunacy and economic hysteria.
Ponyland challenges our modern obsession with unknown futures. We invite you to salute whatever might come with dark laughter and euphoric interaction. A collective of anti-disciplinary projects by students from different programmes of the Royal College of Art: Printmaking, Visual Communication, Design Interactions and Information Experience Design.
I curate, design the identities and promotional material for the exhibition. The exhibition is part of my design research on mediating through design. Rather than searching for an answer or criticising the situation, the works in the exhibition use dark humour as a common ground for the public audience to engage with the topic.
Nils Alix Tabeling, Hayden Anyasi, Sam Phong Nguyen, Kelly Spanou, Meret Vollenweider, Wasabi Ng , Louis Gauger, Yinan Song, Amy de Wit, Jelka Kretzschmar, Yan Lu, Jie Hao, Celine Park, Thomas Grogan