symbiosis clothes

Organismic Fashion is a Design Fiction concept. The project imagines the future where garments can be made from organismic, living material. In this fiction, the notion of fashion would be shifted to a new height: It’s the engineering of a symbiosis system, a joint industry between fashion and synthesis biology: You live with what you wear.
Some possible outcomes of this highly fictional design concept:
+ Replicated organs in wearable form to support your body functionality.
+ Garments which are built upon cultivated bacterial.
+ The material which actively corresponds with your DNA to adjust your need.
+ Clothes with some form of consciousness .
+ Outfits, which are constructed by Protocell, are react highly sensitive to the surrounding environment
+ Characteristics from other species(i.e: fungus, animal, insect… ) are implemented into the organismic outfit to enhance the wearer’s senses and perceptions.