alternative material

In 2013, the Design Museum in London asked young designers from different art & design colleges to rethink the role of material in design. Food is the new design material that designers begin to take into their workshop with wide range of potentials. Many product designers are working and experimenting with food to put them into production. During the process of experimenting, I came across a fascinating and unconventional material – dried rice starch.
Working with rice starch can produce some highly concentrated aesthetic result. Rice starch has a wide variety of unique and interesting textures and characteristics. It is flexible, easy to manipulate, with the potential to create unique and spontaneous shape and form. However, most forms of rice starch is organic so it will get decomposed over time. As such, it is still not a viable choice but the near future is very promising.
Eastern Light is a series of lighting products created from Vietnamese rice starch product, such as bún, bánh canh, miến, bánh phở (diferent types of rice noodles) and bánh tráng (rice paper).
Shortlisted for London Design Museum’s Design Factory Symposium 2013