how to look good through the google glass ?

AR Fashion rises a series of questions regards the potential of emerging technology and virtual reality in the field of fashion. With the rapid development of AR and VR technology (i.e: the Google Glass), would it be possible to shift the border of fashion from the real world to virtual reality? What would happen when traditional textile are replaced with some form of virtual alternatives
The project is a collaboration between an Interaction Designer, a Visual practitioner and a Fashion Technician to create a collection of fashion garments which implements the AR and VR technology.
4 different garments are constructed to fit the set of AR Marker Patterns. Instead of following the human body template, the garments are created for the purpose of displaying the AR Pattern more effectively.While the garments aren’t designed to compliment the form of the user (it’s created so that all user would be able to wear them), the unique shape and highly contrasted AR patterns are quite visually appealing.
Using Processing code and the AR Marker library, when the users stand in front of the camera, they are able to see new forms and patterns in 3d generated formats on their garments. Alternatively they can take the photo and then run the Processing code.
The final outcome is an interactive installation where the user can try on different garments and adjust the generative virtual forms / patterns.
The project suggests that AR and VR technology would offer a new perspective for the Fashion industry. Imagine the future where virtual reality becomes the norm, what would make you look good through the Google Glass ?

In collaboration with Anh Nguyen & Elysia Yeoh