playing with gravitational field

Space Goals, or the Gravity Football Table, is an artefact created for the purpose of illustrating the concept of a gravity well. A gravity well is the pull of gravity that a large body in space exerts, the larger the body(the more mass)the more of a gravity well it has. By playing with the installation, which used Spandex fabric to make a Spacetime Simulator, students get the chance to learn more about gravitation force and how it would affect objects.


Students are provided with a “Playing With Gravitational Field” kit. The Kit consists of balls with different weights and radius to visualise different gravitation fields of our Solar System’s planets: Mars, Earth and Neptune. The balls, which symbolised a specific planet’s gravity well, can be dropped to create a “goal area”. Players have to use the pendulum to alter the movement of the orange ball so that it can escape the force of the gravity wells.


Space Goals aims to visualise scientific concepts and information as well as inspired the students to explore more gravity, classical physics and astrophysics.


In collaboration with Maximo Racio.


March 2015 |Forces, Physics & Football: British Science Week 2015 | National Football Museum, Manchester, UK